5 crazy myths about protein supplements which are not true.

Protein supplements have created great impact in bodybuilding field, they have helped people get lean muscle mass and builld good physique.But there are some crazy myths about protein supplements .Lets find out what they are and try to break them down with science.This is the reason why it is in rank 1 of our blog “crazy myths about protein supplements”

1. Protein supplements contain steroids

Probably the most famous and wide spread myths about protein powder. So, lets get this straight that steroids are anabolics which are artificially made which increases the testosterone level of our body artificially , results in enormous increase of muscle mass.On the other hand protein supplements are made from milk (whey) through ultrafiltration .A fully natural source which will increase muscle mass upto a certain limit. There are still many people who thinks protein supplements are some sort of magical substance or steroid which will increase your muscles indefinitely. 

2. People who exercise should only have protein supplements

Another myth about protein supplements, whey protein are pure natural products extracted from milk . Therefore they can be consumed by any one who wants to fulfill his protein goals in a day. Even doctors suggest protein supplements to sick people so they can recover quickly.People who practise resistance training need more protein than normal people , normal man will need 1 x amount of protein equal to his body weight in grams, which means a 70kg man will need 70 gm od protein daily.Whereas when it comes to a 70kg man who is into some kind of exercise will need 140gm of protein in his daily diet.

3. You should have protein supplements only after you have spent 1 year in gym

This is a famous myth, the reality one the other side is that people who have just started doing exercise require more protein than people who are already in the field, because in the initial days the muscle tissues breakdown more and we need enough protein to recover from that.So it is completely false or you can say it is a kind of bro science that you will often hear in a gym.Basic suggestion is that never put heed to any such rumours and if you are really confused about anything just come back home and google them.

4. Protein supplements will cause kidney stone

To some extend it is true but the main cause of kidney stone is not having enough water, if you stay dehydrated most of the days you have a great chance of having kidney stone and it will not matter if you take protein supplement or not. So, lets be in the safe side drink atleast 4 to 6 litres of water daily.If you are taking enough water daily it will enhance your kidney functionality and will help your kidney work better.Having enough water not only helps the kidney but also helps other organs of our body to stay healthy.

5. You should take breaks while having protein supplements

So the are some gym bros who suggest that you should not have protein supplements everyday instead have it for a month then give a month break. Now this is upto you, if you meet your protein goals without supplements then you need not take them ever, but if you meet your protein goals after having supplements then they play a major role in your diet and stopping them will cause low recovery of your muscle tissues.

Conclusion to crazy myths about protein supplements:-

So,here were some crazy myths about protein supplements we have already proved that there is nothing bad in using protein supplements but obviously don’t be fully dependent on them. Have enough protein in your actual diet. Remember it is supplement not necessity, if you reach your protein goals without supplements then you need not take them.

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