Benefits of Meditation

We have all
known that there are several benefits of meditation, but what they actually are
and to what extend do they help? Lets find out in today’s blog. We will know
everything about meditation and how it helps us physically and mentally, in
what way meditation should be done and many more.

The Process

There are
certain people who will tell you that there are some certain position and
posture as well as timing that you should follow while meditating but honestly
speaking there is no such hard and fast rule as a beginner

As a
beginner you can sit at any place you like, may be on a chair, your bed or on
the floor, does not really matter as long as you are comfortable. The key is
you should always feel comfortable, as a beginner you should not push yourself
for posture. Only one thing to keep in mind that you should always keep your
back straight while meditating. Another thing to keep in mind is that never
meditate just after eating something, at least give two hours gap in between.

So, find a
comfortable place to sit, sit cross legged, close your eyes and concentrate on
your breathing. This is what actually matters to concentrate on your breaths
and think about nothing, and by that I mean absolutely nothing.

 It is easy to read all these stuffs and you are probably saying it will be really easy for you but believe me the last thing I said that think about nothing, that is the difficult part and as a beginner you can not really cope up with that mind set. It will take time and you will do better just by one thing – practise. Let us now see some benefits of meditation.

is the only way you can make your brain more active

Just like
we go to the gym to train our muscles, we use weights and perform resistance
training in order to enhance our muscles but we forget that the most useful
muscle in our body is our body is our brain and we need to train it as well.
While meditating we concentrate on our breaths and as no other muscle is
involved the oxygen we intake forms a direct link with our brain and helps for
its development and makes it strong and active. An active brain corresponds to
an active you, It’s always in your mind.

Makes you
calm and less aggressive

Most of us
suffer from stress and depression which hampers our mental health, these things
makes a person short temper and aggressive in nature, well meditation can be
the cure of all these. The more you train your brain the less it will be
affected by stress and depression and will also improve your decision making
ability. When you master meditation you will feel no stress at all no matter
how bad the situation becomes you can always handle it calmly and without any

Get rid of
your muscle soreness

this is my story with meditation, I started meditation to get over muscle
soreness which I usually got from gym, but as I went deeper into it I started
realizing all the other benefits of it. If you are a gym guy and suffering from
muscle soreness quite often then meditation can be your best solution but you
will surely fall in love with meditation when you will see other benefits of it is taking effects on you.

A wonderful

This is a
problem but most of us will ignore it, who cares about sleeping? Right! Well
sleeping directly affects your health condition. After using your phones and
laptops whole day we don’t get a proper deep sleep and eventually the sleep
cycle is hampered resulting in stress and people feel low. When you sleep
without thinking anything, that is called actual sleep like you used to sleep
as a child. Being an adult there are so many work tensions that you do not get
proper rest.

 A person who meditates can always control his mind, the person can
think about nothing while sleeping just focus on resting while resting. When
you wake up from a good sleep you will feel energetic and focused and ready for
the day, ready to handle the day like a Monday.

Fall sick
less often

not only enhances our brain but also works on all our internal organs, does not
matter how strong we are externally if our internal organs are weak we will
fall sick more often. Meditation provides oxygen to all the internal organ and
makes them strong and thus we become strong internally as well. Meditation also
increases our immunity power. We will have more haemoglobin in our blood that
will result in better functioning in organs and better immunity will help in
better digestion.

exercising and other prospects of life

will help you to find happiness in little prospects of life, you will never be
aggressive to someone. You will enjoy whatever you do for example exercising
you will enjoy doing that, you feel that that you should take for challenges,
take up the difficult exercises, do some extra reps and some drop sets. May be
you will feel to spend extra half an hour in the gym. Must not be gym any thing
you are passionate  about, you will
enjoying doing it. It can be cooking, dancing or simple running.

For how

As a
beginner start 15 minutes a day, the ideal timing are in the morning just after
waking up or at night right before sleeping. Meditation has no limits you can
do it at both the time, two sessions of 15 minutes one in the morning and another
at night.

Conclusion to benefits of meditation

You can
always try meditation no matter what you are going through you will definitely
feel better. Just try it for may be a week you will see difference with you,
you can measure how much mentally you have become stable and have grown. You
will feel more fit than ever and ready to take new challenges.

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